2024                       Doctoral degree in Fine Arts, The Academy of Fine Arts, The University of the Arts Helsinki (UNIARTS)
2012                        MA in Documentary Film, Aalto-university (ELO), Helsinki Film School
2008                        Bachelor of Art in Documentary Film, The Univ. of Art & Design in Helsinki (ELO)


                        The Academy of Fine Arts, The University of the Arts Helsinki (UNIARTS).

2023              STITCHING TRACKS AS THE PRACTICE OF FLEEING, a presentation in the Geopolitics and art in the Nordic-      
                        Baltic region seminar, Reseach Pavillion, Helsinki 5th of June 2023.

                                            ON OFF-CONNECTIONS, a presentation in the  MMK seminar, Centre of Landscape and Culture of the Tallinn    
                         University 18th of  May 2023.

2021              Elisenvaara-Pieksämäki – hajonnut kone  -peer reviewed exposition, published in the 17th            
                        edition:”Everyday  Utopias” of Ruukku Journal on artistic research

                                           Disconnected Space, a participatory performance in the Research Pavillion #4 in Helsinki 
                                          Wrecked Machine a presentation, Peripheries in Parallax: Brave New Peripheries – conference, 
                        Aalto–University, Helsinki, 22nd of Jan. 2021.

2019                Humanoid Studies presentation in Research Practices on Place event initiated by Through Phenomena   
                          Themselves research cell, held in the Research Pavilion on the 13rd of May 2019. 

                                             On the ruins of a railway presentation in the Nordic Summer University Circle 7 Winter Symposium:  
                          Departures, Deviations and Elsewheres, 7–10 March 2019, European Humanities University, Vilnius.

2018                 Participation in "Naked on the Beach" On the Exposition of Artistic Research - Nida Doctoral School, Lithuania 
                          Aug. 26.- Sep. 2nd in 2018.

2015               The Art of Metamorphosis – Other Spaces article, published in the TINFO News publication:  
                         Sustainability, Resilience and Performance Utopias. 

2013              Walking In Between Spaces presentation in the On Walking -Symposium, organized by 
                         the University of the Arts Helsinki

                                          Poetics & Politics of the Body  presentation in the Poetics and Politics of Documentary Film – symposium 
                        organized by ELO Helsinki Film School of Aalto-university.

LIVE ART (selected)

2020–2023 PROJECT RHIZOME by Other Spaces, a community art project, that was realized in collaboration with
                       the students of the Tehtaankatu Elementary School in Helsinki. Produced in collaboration with the Helsinki City Art        
                        Museum (HAM).
2023             STITCHING TRACKS performance by the Disconnected Space Research Group, convened by Jaakko Ruuska, 
                       co-produced by the Joensuu Art Museum & the Other Spaces collective. 17.-18. of June 2023 in Parikkala.
2021              Collection of Imaginary Beings  performance by Other Spaces live art collective Co-produced by 
                        Kampnagel Kunsthalle, 9th-10thof Oct. 2021 in Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany.

2019              Elisenvaara-Pieksämäki Reconnections participatory performances in collaboration with Other 
                        Spaces collective (in various locations from 17th of June until the 2nd of Nov. 2019).
2016              Ars Moriendi performance. A member of the artistic team. Premiered in the 23rd of November. in 
                        Pluckhouse, Helsinki
                        Other Spaces collective: Alien Art performance. A Member of the artistic team. Premiered in the 22nd of April 
                        in the Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA (Finland).
2015              Other Spaces collective: Humanoid hypothesis performance. A Member of the artistic team. Premiered in 
                         the 17th of February in the student campus library of the Helsinki University.

2014              Other Spaces collective: Wolf Safari performance. A Member of the artistic team. Int. premiere in the 16th of
                        October in the Nordwind: Urban species event in Kampnagel, Hamburg.
2013              Other Spaces collective: Olives and Stones performance. A Member of the artistic team. Performed in t
                        the 2nd and 3rd of July in the Scandinavian pavilion of The Venice Biennale.
                       Other Spaces collective: Car Park performance. A Member of the artistic team. Premiered in the URB13
                       festival, the Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA (Finland).
2010              Other Spaces collective: Reindeer Safari performance. A Member of the artistic team. Premiered in the 
                        Theater Now festival of the Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA (Finland).

VISUAL ART (selected)

2024              CLAWS AND CONNECTIONS, a group exhibition on the practices of artistic research, Kuva/Tila gallery, 
                         25th of Jan until the 25th of Feb. in the University of the Arts Helsinki.
2020               7- figuras para lo collectivo – group exhibition .4th of July .-31st of July Barcelona.   
                         Curated by Erick Beltran Flores.
2018              Archipelago Mountain -group exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory 28th of Nov. until the 12th of Dec 2018,  
                        Min nimi on Laura Viljander (” My name is Laura Viljander”) exhibition held with Juha Salminen 
                       in the Kymi Factory building.
2015              Helsinki-Savonlinna video installation in solo exhibition simultaneously presented in the Galleria Huuto, 
                       Helsinki and the Lusto Finnish Forest Museum in Savonlinna. 
2014              I recognize the lion - stone sculpture discoveries by Jouko Turkka. (Member of the artistic team),
                        presented in the Exhibition Laboratory Helsinki.   
2011              On Strange Grounds, documentary photography exhibition. Presented in solo exhibition,
                        Photographic gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki.

FILMOGRAPHY (selected)

2023              RHIZOME (20 min), a documentary film about the Project Rhizome, found in the collections of 
                        the Helsinki Art Museum.
2018               My name is Laura Viljander (20 min) site-specific short film, in collaboration with Juha Salminen.   
                        Screened in Kuva Research Days (11th of Dec. 2019) & Third Space collective’s screening: Control (17th of   
                        Oct. 2019). 
2017              The Collaboration (32 min), documentary film. Directed, cinematographed and edited together with Sanni 
                        Priha. Coproduced by the Uniarts Helsinki in cooperation with Aalto-university.
2016              The Nature of My Heart (59 min), documentary film. Director, cinematographer & Screenwriter, Hallava 
                        Filmi production. Screened in Docudays UA International Human Rights Film Festival in 2017.

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